Why Chiropractic?


A natural approach to health and wellness

Chiropractic is different than mainstream healthcare.  Mainstream healthcare focuses on treating symptoms.  In fact,  you cannot even be treated by most physicians without a diagnosis of some type of symptom.  Chiropractic focuses on the cause of certain conditions.  Our main concern is that the structural integrity of the spine is maintained so that the nervous system is communicating with the body the best that it can.  This way the body is effectively able to take care of itself.  Many health concerns are the result of ineffective communication between the brain and the body.  The body is a vast network of sensors that you have to accurately react to and create change in order to stay in a narrow window of existence called homeostasis.  Symptoms arise when one of these sensors notices something wrong.  When you treat only symptoms you are just tricking the sensor, while the problem still exists.  Lets say the check engine light comes on in your car.  This is much like pain works in your body.  It is a signal to tell you something is wrong.  So you get tired of seeing this and you just disconnect the battery to reset the computer and the check engine light turns off for awhile.  This is sometimes how we treat pain and other illnesses.  We ignore the symptom, and never fix the source of the symptom.  In fact,  there is most likely a drug for every symptom out there.  Sometimes they even create symptoms in order to better market a certain medication.  Well, as we know, with the car you can only do this for so long.  Whatever was causing the light to come on will eventually cause something catastrophic and most likely expensive.  The same goes for your body.  If you always take medications for your symptoms, it is quite possible that someday you may suffer something catastrophic and most likely expensive.  

It is not "fact" that chiropractic fixes everything.  It is and always has been the body that does that.  In fact, chiropractic cannot fix everything, and in many cases medical attention is necessary.  Chiropractors are completely capable of recognizing complicated cases that need more invasive procedures such as drugs or surgery, and in these cases refer the patient to the correct physician.  It is just that we believe that the body has the ability to heal itself and it innately knows how to maintain the proper homeostatic environment.  We simply assist the patient in their decision to live a healthier life.  If you are someone who believes that health comes from within, and not from a pill, or that it comes from a clean diet, proper exercise, and as little toxins and medication as possible, chiropractic would be perfect for you.  It is the one thing missing to link all of that together.  It would be like having an entire orchestra full of the best of the best musicians but a poor maestro.  Your nervous system controls and coordinates all of the functions of the body.  So if you want to have the best opportunity to respond to stress, sickness, and fatigue, chiropractic will assist your nervous system in the optimal function of the human body and allow for the greatest life expression that is possible from your little collection of cells.  

Thank you for reading....

~ Dr. Jared